Kicking Target

Kicking Target
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  • 176 Kicking Bar
    Constructed of soft foam covered with black nylon. 7” handle (24” overall).   ..
  • 108C Square Hand Target
    Finger loop and nylon web straps provide stability and a secure grip during training. Durable vinyl shell, filled with shock resistant foam, mitigates impacts adequately. Sold individually. 8.75” x 10.5” x 2.5”. Color: Black, Red.   ..
  • 114 Striking Arm Pad
    An ergonomic striking pad that allows users to have a more unchoreographed and freeflowing training experience. Durable vinyl is reinforced and filled with high density, shock absorbing foam. Three elastic straps reinforce the arm to the pad, and affords an ideal amount of control.  "L" shaped extension provides the fist with additional protection from impacts.     ..