Foam Sparring Gear

Foam Sparring Gear
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  • 115A Foam Punch
    Our protectors are made of lightweight dipped foam, with additional padding around the knuckles.   Finger slots at middle joints and straps around thumb and palm area ensure efficient training and competition. Elastic strap featuring velcro fastener for secure fit. Ventilation holes to mitigate excessive sweating. Sweat proof and washable. • Color: Black, Red, White, Blue, Pink. • Size: CHS, CHM, CHL, S,..
  • 116A Foam Kick
    Specially designed for the Martial Artist. Quickly absorbs and mitigates damage when contending with opponents. The foam boot provides coverage for instep and ankle. Open bottoms help prevent slippage. Vinyl strip across ball of foot, along with velcro closure around ankle ensures a good and proper fit. Color: Black, Red, White, Blue, Pink Size: CHS, CHM, CHL, S, M, L, XL   ..
  • 118A Foam Shin Guard
    Our shin protectors are made of light weight dipped foam, making them sweat proof and washable. Anatomically pre-shaped with a reinforced foam layer over the shin bones. Two elastic straps featuring hook and loop fasteners ensure a proper fit. Ventilation holes mitigate excessive sweating.  • Size: CHS, CHL, S, M, L, XL • Color: Black, Red, White, Blue, Pink     ..
  • 127A Foam Head Gear
    This head protector provides coverage for the top, back, sides, and forehead. Well-ventilated all-around. Open face contour design offers great fit and visibility. Pressure release holes on ears and 1-1/2” wide hook and loop chin strap. The Universal Face Shield(127A-UN) is not incuded on the Red 127A Foam Head Gear.   ..