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adidas Sport Backpack is designed for training equipment in all martial arts, but is also an excellent companion in everyday life, as well as on long journeys and trips. Made from strong polyurethane material, the main compartment allows you to fit boxing gloves, a helmet and other three-dimensional items. An additional compartment with a soft gasket is suitable for a laptop, notepad, or important documents. Additionally, along the sides, there are small zippered pockets for quick access to miscelaneous items, as well as a mesh pocket for a water bottle. The bottom of the backpack is rubberized, preventing moisture from seeping, both from the inside and outside.

Adjustable and comfortable backpack straps can be adapted to the height and size of individual athletes. Also, to mitigate heavy loads, there is an additional waist mount, which can help reduce strain. There are two handles: on top for carrying the backpack in an upright position, and on the side to hold horizonally as a carrying bag.


Dimensions:  20 inches x 12 inches x 8 inches